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Get your own user ID?

  1. Join any server
  2. Type \@yourusername to get your User ID and copy it

How to get an user ID?

  1. Open your discord settings and go to "Appearance"
  2. Check the "Developer Mode" checkbox
  3. Save your settings
  4. Now right click the user you want to resolve and click "Copy ID"

What is a Discord IP resolver and how does it work?

A Discord resolver is a tool which uses an advanced state-of-the-art technology performing a packet interception scan method which scans to extract, decrypt and fetch IP addresses of users. It sends spoofed packets modified through artificial intelligence algorithms to adapt to the geo location of the target user, forcing the target to send an encrypted packet back which is used to extract information.

* The user has to be online in order to be able to resolve
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